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Prepare the following documentation

No other driver identified

It affects your guarantees for own damage, theft, fire, vehicle glass and accidents not involving third parties with injuries or other damage.

  • Your registration number or policy.
  • Date, time and place of the incident.
  • A brief description of what happened.
  • Say whether any authorities were involved.
  • Say whether the vehicle can be driven or is in the garage.

With a third party, with an accident report

If you have been involved in an accident with one or more other parties:

  • Try to fill in the Accident report. The accident report form speeds up procedures between insurance companies and minimises the likelihood of disputes or discrepancies in determining liability for an accident.

With a third party, without an accident report

If you have not been able to fill in the accident report, you can use the services of the police or other authorities. Make a note of the minimum details of the other vehicle:

  • Registration number.
  • Make and model of the vehicle.
  • If possible: Full name of the policyholder and/or driver, insurance company and policy no. 


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Frequently asked questions about reporting accidents

Frequently asked questions about reporting accidents

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