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Protect your company against cyberattacks

Preventive services

We implement different measures to reduce the possibilities of cyberattacks in your company: training for employees, secure data transfers...

We give you advice

We provide cybersecurity experts to offer you the most efficient solution and help you recover your digital structure if it has been compromised.

Made to measure cybersecurity

We offer you a wide range of essential and complementary guarantees so that you can design the insurance that best suits your company.

Cybersecurity advice for companies

cybersecurity advice for companies


Most common cybersecurity attack vectors

Even if yours is not a tech company, the possibility of a cyberattack is real. Phishing, malware, brute force attacks... there are many different ways to put your company at risk. See what they are.

cybersecurity to protect companies


Other insurance for your business project

Más allá de los problemas digitales existen otros factores que pueden hacer peligrar el futuro de tu empresa. Reclamaciones de daños o los gastos derivados de una contingencia pueden ponernos en jaque si no estamos bien acompañados.

Beyond digital problems there may be other setbacks that threaten your company's future. Claims for damages or expenses resulting from a contingency can put you in a bind if you're not properly protected.

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Do you have any questions?

If you want to enhance your company's cybersecurity, or if you want the best legal support but you still have questions, don't worry. Our colleagues are available to advise you and answer your questions.

Discover our cyberprotection and legal protection insurance policies

Cyber risk insurance for companies

Protect your business against digital threats.

  • Data loss and recovery.
  • Includes preventive services.

Event cancellation insurance

Recover the money invested.

  • For all types of event.
  • Also in the event of delay.

Company legal protection insurance

It has the backing of an extensive network of lawyers.

  • Legal advice and legal defence.
  • Includes non-payment claims.


By taking out Company Cyber Risk insurance, Occident provides companies with various applications to install on their equipment. One of these apps, known as anti-kidnapping, substantially reduces the risk of files being blocked, a very common practice among hackers, who subsequently request the payment of a ransom for restoring these documents.

You have the possibility to take out a specific guarantee to compensate you, up to the agreed limits, the consequential losses due to stoppage of your business activity which causes loss of turnover or the incurring of reasonable extraordinary expenses to prevent precisely this loss of turnover.

Yes, this insurance offers both essential guarantees and additional extensions, in order to faciliate taking out the insurance you really need for your company.


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