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Save to be able to become independent in the future

Great flexibility

With our help, you can design the savings plan that best suits your needs. You can also modify or stop it if you wish.

Tax relief

Many savings products offer tax benefits. The yields obtained are not taxed until you use them.

Always informed

You decide through which channel: By telephone, website or in person. We are by your side to help you and advise you on your savings plans.

Give your savings a new home

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Also financially independent

Starting to live on your own or outside the family environment may be your first big challenge, but to become financially independent there are other steps that you also need to know about.

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What plans do you have?

You've flown the nest, but you're probably also thinking about travelling, buying a house someday, or any other plan that requires financial foresight. If so, we can help you.

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But what do I need to become fully independent?

If after taking the plunge you are still wondering how to start saving, our products and advice can be of great help to you.

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And if you have any doubts, we're here for you

You've already taken the first steps towards your independence, but you might still have some doubts about which product best suits your needs or have some questions. For this, you can contact us through any of these channels:

Discover our savings insurance policies

Growing Savings insurance

Manage your savings flexibly and securely.

  • Obtain a guaranteed medium-term and long-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the first year.

Capital Savings insurance

The fastest return on your savings.

  • Obtain a guaranteed short- and medium-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the ninth month.

SIALP Savings

Your safest 5-year plan.

  • Build assets with guaranteed interest.
  • Benefit from the tax exemption of the returns you generate.


Build a savings plan tailored to your goals.

  • Decide your own investment strategy.
  • Do not pay tax on the capital generated if you receive it in the form of income.

Multi-fund Investment

Diversify your investment and grow your savings.

  • Choose and combine a choice of eight funds.
  • Change your strategy as many times as you like.


To start building your savings plan you should get in touch with us. We will advise you on the best option to think in the medium and long term. When you have decided, you will have to make a first contribution, the initial amount of which may vary depending on the insurance you choose.

The savings insurance plan most suited to your needs will depend on the level of risk level you are prepared to assume, whether you are looking for a guaranteed return or not, the duration of your savings plan, the amount and frequency of your contributions, and the way in which will redeem your capital.

You'll always be able to access your savings and therefore all our savings insurance plans have a high level of liquidity. However, we recommend that you contact us to discuss the most beneficial for you to access to your money.


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