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Why work with us?

At Occident we offer you different opportunities to project your career based on your training, experience and prospects for development.

A leading company

We are positioned 6th in the ranking of Spanish insurers.

4.5 million customers

They trust in us, with an average retention of 10.8 years.

8.4 in satisfaction

Our customers highly value their relationship with Occident.

Career plan in Occident

How to be an insurance agent

Create your own business

Start your career plan and open your own office.

  • Financial and professional support
  • Ongoing training.
Flexible work

Agent with flexible hours

Combine your role with your family obligations and/or other professional activities.

  • Available in Madrid or Barcelona.
  • Part-time or full time.
Be a financial advisor

Advisor on life and financial products.

Specialise in providing financial advice for large portfolios.

  • Career plan with ongoing training.
  • Permanent employment contract.

I want to work at Occident

Work in insurance

Job opportunities

Find out about all our current job offers.

  • Customise your search based on position and province.
  • Regular update of new offers.
Work in an insurance company

Send us your CV

Can't find the job you are looking for? We will take it into account in future recruitment processes.

I want to provide customer support

How to be an expert in Occident

How to be a car appraiser

Expert on automobiles

Put your analysis skills to work to assess vehicle damage.

  • Studies in Technical Engineering or Advanced Automotive Engineering are required.
  • Appraisal or practical training courses will be highly valued.
How to be an insurance expert

Surveyors, adjusters or experts of various kinds

Determine the causes of a loss in a house or premises and assess the damage caused.

  • Studies in Engineering or Technical Architecture or Higher are required.
  • Appraisal or practical training courses will be highly valued.
How to be a medical expert

Medical expert

Assesses the bodily injury resulting from an accident.

  • Studies in Medicine and Surgery are required.
  • Good communication skills will be highly valued.

Become a repairer

Work as a repairer for home insurance


Quickly resolves breakdowns or failures in our customers' homes or premises.

  • All types of trades: masons, plumbers, locksmiths....
  • Vehicle livery and workwear.

Do you have a workshop?

How to be an insurance company's authorised garage

Form part of our network of garages

Join our team with your body repair workshop.

  • For bodywork and paint activities.
  • Join a sustainable workshop network.