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We take care of you and your vehicle

With our roadside assistance service, we provide you with comprehensive protection when travelling by road. Not only do we look after you, with specific coverage in the event of an accident, but we also take care of your vehicle, guaranteeing, among other services, technical assistance, rescue and transfer in the event of any incident.

24-hour assistance

Every day of the year.

360º coverage

National and international coverage.

Vehicle and passengers

Help adapted to each situation.

What the travel assistance service includes

Our service includes assistance for your vehicle with benefits such as:

  • Technical roadside assistance to keep the vehicle on the road.
  • Towing the vehicle up to 150 km to the workshop if it will not run.
  • Rescue of the vehicle due to overturning or falling down a slope.
  • Fitting the spare tyre in the event of a puncture or burst.
  • Sending of fuel, spare parts or duplicate keys due to theft or loss.
  • Returning the vehicle home in the event of immobilisation of more than 3 days due to accident, breakdown or theft.
  • Hotel or transport expenses of the vehicle's passengers in the event of a vehicle being immobilized due to breakdown or accident.
  • Legal defence abroad and the provision and/or advancement of court-ordered bonds.

With the travel assistance service, you will have our support in different situations that may arise during a trip anywhere in the world.

  • Transport or health repatriation of injured and sick persons to hospital or home, and other relatives if they cannot continue their trip, including accompaniment of minors if necessary.
  • Travel for a family member to accompany the injured or sick person in hospital.
  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs abroad, up to the limits indicated in the policy.
  • Transfer or repatriation of the deceased and accompanying insured persons.
  • Early return due to the death of a relative in Spain.
  • Search for and transport of luggage and personal belongings.

Frequently asked questions

This coverage is valid in Spain, the rest of Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean.

In the event of towing, rescue, technical roadside assistance, lack of fuel, wheel replacement and loss or theft of keys, the assistance is effective from your own home. In all other cases, it will be effective from kilometre 15 (10 in island territories).

A repair that is carried out within one hour and allows the vehicle to be driven.

Travel assistance is not linked to the price of the premium.

Frequently asked questions

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