Death insurance for the over 70s

The death insurance with a single premium

Single payment for the funeral

Pay once and leave your funeral and all the costs associated with it arranged for when the time comes.

Peace of mind for your loved ones

Your partner will also be covered, and your family will not have to carry out any paperwork.

Legal assistance and will

Arrange the inheritance through a notarial and vital will. If you have any questions, a team of lawyers will guide you.

Death insurance created for the elderly

make an online will death insurance


Pay for your funeral before you die

If you want to leave everything settled but have realised this late, there are some alternatives that can meet your needs.

How to pay for my funeral


Additional Death insurance services for the elderly

Although the ultimate goal of Death insurance is to leave everything prepared so that your loved ones have no worries, you can also take advantage of certain services associated with it.

Leave a legacy in life


Leave a legacy in life

In addition to being able to use the Online Will to make sure your wishes are clearly recorded you can also make a living will so that your family members are aware of your preferences.

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Do you have any questions about our Death insurance?

When you have decided to put your last wishes in order for the peace of mind of your family and friends, you can contact us so that we can advise you, give you a quote and, as always, resolve your doubts.

More information about our single premium death insurance

Senior Death Insurance

Leave everything foreseen with a single payment.

  •  Comprehensive service management.
  •  No waiting periods.


With single premium death insurance the insured person makes a single payment while living to guarantee the provision of a funeral service when death occurs.

Both are policies designed to protect the family financially, but they work in different ways.

Life insurance guarantees a capital sum to cover future expenditure or maintain the family's standard of living if it loses its main source of income.

Death insurance is specifically designed to cover all the expenses related to a funeral.

We can, therefore, say that they complement each other.


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