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Choose your pension plan

We offer a comprehensive range of pension plans, so you can choose what best fits your investor profile, the level of risk you want to take on and the time horizon you choose, looking for the best possible returns.

Individual pension plan

Plan your retirement supplement flexibly.

  • fixed, variable or mixed income? You choose.
  • Possibility of suspending and restarting contributions.


Do you live in the Basque Country? This is the plan for you.

  • Choose the most favourable option for you.
  • Benefit from important tax allowances.

PPA Savings

Your most secure pension plan.

  • Maximise your savings without taking risks.
  • Choose how to retrieve the capital: income or redemption.

Why people entrust their retirement plan to Occident

Tax benefits

Contributions to the plans, within a certain limit, are deductible in the general taxable base of your personal income tax return.

Support and trust

Occident is one of the country's leading insurance companies, a sound and solvent company with upwards of 150 years of experience.

Personalised Customer Service

You will be advised at all times by our specialists, who will provide you with guidance at the time of taking out the policy and afterwards.

Returns and taxation on pension plans


After reading all the documentation outlining the features of the plan and having received the necessary advice, it would be sufficient to make an initial contribution or commit to paying a monthly bill according to the minimum amount laid down by the company at the time.

Pension plans (PPI), individual pension plans (EPSV) and insured pension plans (PPAs) are products designed to generate a financial supplement for retirement. Therefore, the purpose of the three products is similar.

But since the saver profile is not always the same, these products are designed to meet the needs of different savers.

The main difference between a PPA and a PPI or EPSV is the security of the investment. A PPA will always guarantee that the saver will recover at the very least the money invested when the situation arises that makes it possible to pay out the same.

On the other hand, in the case of PPIs and EPSVs, this guarantee cannot be offered since the savings contributed will be increased or reduced according to the evolution of the securities comprising the plan chosen.

Pension plan contributions are subject to tax relief in your tax return, which means that the tax authorities will have to refund part of the contribution to the plan up to a maximum annual amount. Find out more about the tax advantages of pension plans.