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Discover our medical insurance for the elderly

Home care services

With in-home services (cleaning, personal assistance, podiatry, purchasing medications, etc.).

Health and well-being at special prices

With more than 8,000 professionals, physiotherapists, psychologists, opticians, gyms, medicine and aesthetic surgery.

Dependency services

Dependency counselling service from experts and GPS device to feel safe in and outside your home.

How to save on medical expenses but still take care of yourself

health insurance over 85s


Thinking of the elderly more than ever

You reach a certain age when you still need quality care and the best experts and treatment centres, but you also need to reduce waiting times and cover new needs or the drawbacks of ageing. Whether it's for you or your seniors.

medical insurance expenses for seniors


Stay active. Keep healthy

Whether you’re one of those who declares that your age doesn’t define you or, with age you want to stay in tip-top shape, there are exercises you can do and professionals that can help you stay healthy or even improve on your health.

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Services in your health insurance that improve your health

From psychological assistance to geriatric specialists in various areas, such as physiotherapy, chiropody or dietetics, they are waiting to offer you the very best care. In addition, the need to feel supported and not on your own at all time is also covered.

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Do you have any queries?

If you want to know what more advantages you can expect or which specific services you can benefit from, don't hesitate to contact us or leave it up to us to do it. To resolve any queries or help you in any way, we are available on these channels:

Discover our senior health insurance plans

Senior health and well-being insurance

The most comprehensive health insurance for the elderly.

  • Extensive medical directory at special rates.
  • Free consultations for geriatrics, dietetics and psychology.


When you are sent home after a stay in hospital, you have 8 hours of care free annually for:

  • Help with personal hygiene and personal care.
  • Purchasing, preparing and cooking food and helping to eat when necessary.
  • Supervision of medication.
  • Nursing care: help with getting into and out of bed, moving from the bed to a chair and vice versa, etc.
  • Company for the patient at home and providing support outside the home.

The Cuideo Assist GPS device offers you security, both inside and outside the home.

This device has features such as: SOS button, fall detector, speech-listening system, geolocation, emotional support for family consultation and loneliness management, with no commitment and at an exclusive price for our customers.

As a customer of Occident, you have access to the following courtesy services:

  • Legal advice helpline
  • Telephone medical advice
  • Second medical opinion

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