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Lessor Home insurance

non-payment insurance for rented dwellings
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What makes our rental non-payment insurance different

Your rented home with no surprises. You need to protect your home, especially when you are renting it out. The lessor home insurance offers you protection against all the unforeseen events that may occur in your rented property. If you want to live with the peace of mind that your property is totally protected at all times and in all situations, trust Occident.

Specialist advice

We attend to you and inform you from the very first moment, starting with the tenant selection process.

Fully tailor-made

We provide you with the coverage typical of a home insurance policy together with other specific coverage for a rented property.

Maximum personalisation

Lessor home insurance protects you financially against non-payment of rent.

Exclusive services

We offer you a wide selection of services to enhance your peace of mind and protection.

Urgent care

Occident professionals will attend to you at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Important discounts

If you have other insurance policies with Occident, you will receive a special discount on the contracting of Home Lessor insurance

What our renter non-payment insurance covers

Services included in our rental non-payment insurance policy



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