Health insurance

Occident Health insurance comparator

What does this comparison show?

In the comparative table of our private medical insurance policies, you can see at a glance what services are included in each policy, how to access them and the type of specialities included.

Comparison of Occident health insurance policies

Salud Healthcare

Salud Mixed Reimbursement

Salud Prime Reimbursement

Medical directory Included Included Not included
Reimbursement option (1) Not included Included Included
Copayment Included Included Not included
General medicine and medical specialities Included Included Included
Diagnostic methods Included By medical pool Included
Emergencies and hospitalisation Included Included Included
Internal prostheses Included Included Included
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Included By medical pool Included
Psychiatry and psychology Included By medical pool Included
Daily compensation for hospitalisation in public centres Not included Included Included
Work-related and traffic accidents Included Included Included
Reimbursement for paediatric consultations Included Included Included
Reimbursement for gynaecology consultations Included Included Included
Reimbursement for medicines Included Included Included
Homeopathy and acupuncture Included Included Included
Chiropractor, chiromassage and osteopathy Included By medical pool Included
Dental coverage through an extensive dental directory (2) Included Included Included
Personal care Included Included Included
Video consultation Included Included Included
Assistance abroad Included Included Included
(1) The Reimbursement option applies when the professional does not belong to the medical directory. (2) Extensive coverage.

Tailor-made health insurance

The options described in our comparative health insurance listing allow you to choose the way you want to enjoy your private health insurance.

  • With our Salud healthcare insurance, you can choose between four types of copayment (Advance, 0, 5 and 20) for your medical visits.
  • With Salud mixed reimbursement health insurance, we will reimburse up to 90% of the medical expenses you incur in the health centre or doctor's surgery you choose.
  • And Salud Prime reimbursement insurance extends reimbursement coverage to 100%, at medical centres both in Spain and abroad.


The difference between them lies in the percentage of reimbursement, in the medical treatment covered and in the centres for which expenses are reimbursed:

  • Salud mixed reimbursement: Reimbursement of expenses for healthcare provided by freely chosen doctors and hospitals anywhere in the world (except those listed in the Occident medical directory):
    • Reimbursement of 90% of hospitalisation expenses due to illness, childbirth or accident (up to the limits stipulated in the policy), including surgical procedures, hospital stay expenses, and intensive care units.
    • Reimbursement of 80% of the cost of medical visits, alternative and preventive medicine (up to the limits stipulated in the policy).
  • Salud Prime reimbursement:
    • 100% reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses: reimbursement in full of expenses arising from medical care provided in a hospital, as a result of illness, accident or childbirth, within the limits established in the policy. Includes cost of hospital stay, admission to ICU and ambulance transfer, among other services.
    • The policy also includes reimbursement of 85% of the cost of outpatient treatment, and non-hospital medical services such as consultation, treatment without admission to hospital, diagnostic tests, alternative and preventive medicine and rehabilitation treatment, subject to the limits established in the policy. 

When assessing the private health insurance that best suits your situation and interests, you should take two main factors into account:

  • Your family situation: The number of members of your family unit and their ages will determine your requirements in terms of private medicine, both in terms of recurrence and the specialities you need. For example, if there are children or elderly people, it conditions how often you need to go to medical specialists and how urgent it may be to receive attention.
  • How much you expect to use the policy: Regarding the frequency with which you expect to use private healthcare, you need to assess whether you prefer to take out a policy which is less expensive but requires copayment of larger or smaller amounts for the healthcare received (Salud healthcare includes different copayment schemes) or opt for a policy with a higher premium, where you will have to pay a small amount or even nothing for medical attention.

Occident has different options designed for all types of family and financial situations. Our advisers will provide all the information you need to make the right decision.