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Health insurance for the elderly
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Senior health and well-being: a policy created for the elderly

With Senior health and well-being insurance, you will have immediate access to very economical private medical visits and treatment, with services at special rates and special coverage for the care of the elderly.

Extensive medical directory

Our insurance for the elderly offers a medical directory of more than 13,000 professionals in all specialities.

Health and well-being directory

It includes access to more than 8,000 professionals and centres offering well-being at special rates.

Dental directory

It includes over 3,900 of the most prestigious dental clinics, covering various free services.

Home care

Personal care services at home: cleaning, hygiene, personal assistance, chiropody, purchasing medication, etc.

No waiting lists

Comprehensive, prompt care, with no exclusion periods or the usual waiting lists in public health.

What Senior health and well-being insurance covers

Senior health and well-being priority services

Services included in our Senior health and well-being insurance

Access our health and well-being pool

Feel good inside and out thanks to our 19,000 professionals and medical centres at a special rate.

Choose your dental clinic

Over 3,500 clinics and dentists serving every province in the country.



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