Recreational boating insurance

Recreational boating insurance

What makes our recreational boating insurance different

We offer you our recreational boating insurance. A very comprehensive and flexible insurance that allows you to sail peacefully thanks to the best coverage, which includes third party liability, and some interesting guarantees such as nautical assistance or protection in the event of damage to the actual vessel.


We adapt our insurance to your needs. Choose what you want to insure at any time and customise your protection according to your maritime activity.

Sea towing

Experiencing a problem with your vessel? Not to worry, you can count on the towing service with reimbursed expenses.

Extend coverage

Add additional guarantees to the compulsory civil liability, such as occupant accidents or legal defence, and sail with peace of mind.

What our boat and yacht insurance covers

Leisure Craft insurance always includes compulsory civil liability coverage according to the conditions and limits set out in the Regulation of Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance for Recreational or Sporting Vessels (Royal Decree 607/1999).

You can extend this coverage with voluntary civil liability, which can increase the capital insured and the scope of coverage when the vessel is on land or being transported by road.

You can also add extensions such as sports fishing civil liability, the civil liability of the vessel while it remains in harbour or civil liability in regattas.

Our Leisure Craft insurance covers the insured party's civil liability for damage caused to third parties and to natural resources due to pollution.

Have you suffered any direct loss or damage while you were sailing? With Occident's Leisure Craft insurance, all the following types of damage to your vessel will be covered:

  • Total loss.
  • Salvage costs.
  • Extraordinary weather events.
  • Acts of vandalism or malice.
  • Theft.
  • Partial damage while sailing and on land.
  • Damage during participation in regattas.

Leisure Craft insurance also covers towing when your vessel requires assistance. The coverage guarantees the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the insured party when the insured vessel needs to be towed.

This coverage covers the costs of removing the wreckage of the vessel imposed by the relevant maritime authorities.

You will have a legal team to take care of your interests in relation to the use of your vessel, plus other benefits including criminal defence, deposits, claims for damage, claims for faulty repair work, claims for failure to comply with the terms of the guarantee, claims for failure to provide services, defence in the event of administrative infractions, and defence of your rights in connection with other insurance policies.

Leisure Craft insurance covers all occupants of the vessel, with compensation in the event of death or permanent disability. Healthcare costs are also covered if an accident occurs on board.

If you take out this insurance, expenses arising from the following will be covered:

  • Land transport or technical and mechanical assistance for the vessel.
  • Location and shipment of spare parts.
  • Accommodation and transport costs.
  • Vessel custody costs.
  • Medical transfer or repatriation of injured or sick persons.
  • Transfer or repatriation of insured parties.
  • Travel for a family member of the insured party in the event of hospitalisation.
  • The cost of extending a hotel stay.
  • Transfer or repatriation of the insured party if deceased.
  • Early return.
  • Theft of luggage or personal effects.
  • Advance of funds abroad.
  • Medical expenses abroad.

Services included in our Recreational Boating insurance


Occident's Leisure Craft insurance is designed for the owners of recreational vessels, yachts, sailing boats, motor boats, etc.

Insurance for sailing vessels that covers the full cost of compensation for damage to third parties.

It is also suitable for owners who seek greater protection and can be complemented with any of the additional types of coverage that we offer.

The maritime towing reimbursement coverage guarantees the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the insured person when towing the insured boat to the port nearest where it is located at the moment of receiving assistance in the event of a breakdown, accident at sea or other circumstance that occurs during navigation and prevents it from continuing its voyage and reaching port by its own means.

When the towage to port is carried out by a vessel of the Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima (SASEMAR), the reimbursement of the amount paid by the insured person for the towage according to the official tariff is guaranteed.

If the towage is carried out by another ship or vessel entitled to remuneration, the financial benefit under this guarantee shall be calculated on the basis of the official SASEMAR tariff, the scale of which is established according to the length of the vessel towed and the hours of duration of the service, with the maximum compensation capital being set at 6 hours, and with a maximum compensation capital of the lesser of 5,000 euros or 25% of the value of the vessel at the time of the assistance.