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With e-car emergency you can stay connected while you travel.

E-car emergency is a service that you can take out with our car insurance. It will allow you to stay connected while you travel, thanks to the installation of a remotely operated electronic device on your vehicle. This device is managed using an app on your smartphone that will offer you exclusive services and the advantages of always being connected.

Save lives:

emergency services are called automatically in the event of a crash.

SOS button

Request assistance quickly through our app.


Recover your vehicle if it's stolen.


Driving activity information.

Geo fence

Restrict the car's movement.

Additional services

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Discover e-car emergency

The e-car emergency service means that you and your loved ones will always be protected!

What the Emergency e-car emergency button service includes

In the event of a serious accident, the electronic device will automatically communicate with the Assistance Platform, which is active 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This allows the emergency services (112) to be contacted so that medical assistance can be provided as quickly as possible to minimise serious injuries and prevent fatalities.

You can request Travel Assistance directly from the e-car Emergency app (available for both iOS and Android). An operator will contact you to help you with everything you need.

You will be able to locate your car after you have parked it, using the Car Finder function. You will be able to locate it through the app and view the route to get to it. And in the event of theft, don't worry: you can use the app to alert the Assistance Platform to try to track your car while you report the theft to the police.

  • You will have statistical information on your driving style.
  • You will have a log of all journeys made.
  • You will have the ability to delimit a traffic radius (geofence) and receive alerts.
  • You will get the option to generate alerts due to the excess speed you predefine.

Frequently asked questions

Whenever possible, you can choose to have it installed at your home or at another address you specify.

No, electric cars are excluded.

This service is valid for vehicles up to 12 years old: passenger cars, off-road vehicles, minivans and vans.

Using or requesting this service does not affect the price of the premium.

Frequently asked questions

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