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Choose co-payment

You decide the category of policy that best suits your needs between the options of co-payment (Advance, 5 or 20) or no co-payment (0 co-payment).

Medical directory

Upwards of 49,000 professionals available to you, covering all medical and surgical specialities, as well as hospital admissions.

Medical expenses covered

You have up to 100% of the expenses covered in specialists, hospitalisation and surgery within the medical directory if you choose the no co-payment option.

How to take care of your family's health with our medical insurance

paediatric family health insurance


Thinking about growing the family

Whether you need help to grow your family, or if you are already preparing a room with a crib, it's important to have all the necessary information and support. From your usual gynaecologist to specialists you may need.

protection medical insurance mother and baby


Specific care

If you have any health problems, the last thing you need is to worry about waiting lists or constantly changing doctors. The solution is personalised 24/7 care.

insurance for pregnant women


Pregnancy health insurance

When you're thinking of having a family, you need to look for the best coverage that's right for your needs, whether for the pregnancy, the childbirth or to care for the baby.

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Do you have any questions?

Whether you have decided to take care of your family's health but you still have questions or doubts, or if the choice is made and you want to start living with the peace of mind of having the best health care, we are at your disposal.

Discover our health insurance

Healthcare insurance

Choose the copayment option you prefer and access the best private medical care.

  • Nearly 50,000 professionals and medical centres.
  • Keep your own paediatrician and gynaecologist.


The medical directory comprises a network of more than 49,000 professionals and 450 medical centres. To see the medical directory for your area or province, just enter your address or the name of a specific doctor or medical centre.

Certain tests or treatment require prior authorisation from the company. For example, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, ECG, mammography, CT and hospital admission, among others.

Consultations with specialist doctors and simple diagnostic tests (blood tests, cytology, gynaecological ultrasound, biopsies, allergy tests and conventional radiography) do not require prior authorisation. Our medical insurance is an ideal solution for pregnancy, designed to quickly cover any unforeseen event.

The application can be done through this page.

This is the insured party's contribution towards the cost of a medical procedure. For instance, if a policy sets a copayment of 20 euros, the insured party will have to pay this amount every time he/she needs to visit a specialist.


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