employee loyalty

Social benefits for employees

Specialist advice

We can offer you solutions tailored to your group, thanks to the advice of our network of specialised professionals.

Adaptable to every need

The particularities of each group are noted and the product is adapted to their needs and circumstances.

Double benefit

Everybody wins. Your employees will receive extra pay and you will be able to reduce costs for your company through tax exemptions.

Insurance for company employees

employee pension plans


Your staff, a central element

It seems logical to think that when you are happier, you work better, so having plans for improvement in social benefits and saving for the future is a first step towards achieving extra motivation.

Insurance for company employees


Savings plans for workers, an investment

An employee who knows the business and its mission is one of the best assets you have. For the same reason, retaining talent and guaranteeing them a future can be a way converting them into ambassadors.

social benefits for employees


Build and look after

Promoting a good working environment, with trust and guarantees, not only benefits the employee. If you think about the disadvantages of no longer having one of your best assets, having everything planned can save you from a bigger problem.

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Do you have any queries?

If you want your company to grow with happy employees, but you still have some questions about what insurance to take out or how to combine them, we have the perfect team at your disposal to respond to your queries.

Discover our insurance and savings plans for employees

Group Savings Insurance

Build extra retirement capital for your workers.

  • Adapted to your company's characteristics.
  • Includes life insurance for death.

PPSE Savings Insurance

Guaranteed returns for your staff.

  • For retirement, disability, death, dependency, illness and unemployment.
  • Tax advantages for your company and your workers.

Collective Accident Insurance

The obligations of your labour agreement are fulfilled with guarantees.

  • Always updated.
  • Simple and innominate contract.

Group life insurance

Adapted to your company and your workforce.

  • A single rate, regardless of the gender or age of your employees.
  • Tax benefits.

Healthcare insurance for companies

Cover the medical needs of your employees.

  • Private medical directory
  • Four types of copayment to choose from. 


With Individual insurance, each person has a different family, financial or professional situation, insurance needs for maintaining a similar standard of living in the event of an accident are also different.

Individual accident insurance offers various types of insurance to protect all areas of private life, from trips and travel to the practice of simple sports.

In addition, these products offer the possibility of extending the insurance with a series of complementary guarantees that allow the policy to be customised.

Group accident insurance is designed to protect members of a group from common, unforeseen events that may occur during the performance of a specific activity.

There are basically three differences between a retirement plan and a pension plan:


A retirement plan offers a moderate return, based on legal technical interest, whereas with a pension plan the return is determined by the pension fund's investments, be they shares, bonds or both, shown by the level of risk which the client wants to assume.


The beneficiaries of a retirement plan are taxed when they receive payment on the difference between the sum received and the contributions made. On the other hand, pension plans allow you to deduct your contributions in your annual tax return, the maximum being 8,000 euros a year.


With a retirement plan, the holder can redeem the money at any time in accordance with the cases provided for by current law. With pension plans, on the other hand, you may only have the money constituted at the time of retirement or in the cases laid down by law, i.e. in the event of serious illness or long-term unemployment. In addition, with effect from 2025 those pension plans which are at least 10 years old may be redeemed.

If what is sought is to encourage the most valuable employees by giving them an additional income subject to them staying with the company or at the end of certain projects, the best thing is to resort to bonuses for employees, loyalty plansand also annuity insurance.

On the other hand, if the aim is to adjust the payroll in an orderly manner, well perceived by the workers, by giving them an additional payment to supplement payments linked to Social Security, you ought to think about pre-retirement plans.

Lastly, if you want to contribute to your employees receiving a payment that supplements their retirement pension when they retire, the solution is retirement plans.


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