Insurance for business premises

 Insurance for business premises
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What makes our business premises insurance different

We have designed our business premises insurance to protect your assets through extensive coverage. It doesn't matter if you own a store, pharmacy, optician or beauty salon. The product's flexibility allows you to prepare a specialised offer aimed at insuring any commercial premises destined to retail sales or the provision of services.

Revaluation of capital

The insured capital will be revalued annually without having to carry out any procedures.

Payment in instalments

For your convenience, you can divide the payment of your insurance as best suits you, on a quarterly, half-yearly, annual basis, etc.

We claim on your behalf

In the event of damage caused by third parties to your premises, our legal service team will take responsibility for claiming on your behalf so that you can focus on your business activity.

What this commercial premises policy covers

Services included in business premises insurance



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