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We offer you a wide range of investment funds, adapted to all risk profiles and managed by qualified professionals. Access the main financial markets and benefit from immediate liquidity and interesting taxation.

CO Renta Fija, FI

Choose risk-free return.

  • National and international fixed income.
  • Horizon less than two years.

GCO Ahorro, FI

This is of interest to you if you have a conservative saver profile.

  • National and international fixed income.
  • Horizon less than two years.

GCO Renta Fija, FI

Your most secure option in the long term.

  • National and international fixed income.
  • Horizon more than two years.

CO Bolsa Española, FI

If you are looking for a return higher than IBEX-35, this fund is for you.

  • National variable income
  • Long-term horizon.

CO Bolsa Mundial, FI

A fund that replicates the performance of stock exchanges around the world.

  • International equities.
  • Long-term horizon.

CO Emergentes, FI

Explore the potential of new markets.

  • Equities in emerging markets.
  • Long-term horizon.

GCO Acciones, FI

Maximise your savings on the Spanish stock exchange.

  • National variable income.
  • Horizon more than five years.

GCO Eurobolsa, FI

Invest in the best European securities.

  • European variable income
  • Horizon more than five years.


Take the leap into the American market.

  • Equities in the United States.
  • Horizon more than five years.

GCO Internacional, FI

Boost your investment in the most important stock exchanges in the world.

  • World equities.
  • Horizon more than five years.

CO Patrimonio, FI

Your most comprehensive investment.

  • European, US and Asian equities and fixed income.
  • Long-term outlook.

GCO Mixto, FI

It is a good idea if you want to invest in equities without assuming very high risks.

  • Minimum 70% equities on the international market.
  • Horizon more than three years.

GCO Global 50, FI

The perfect balance for your investment.

  • Maximum 50% equities on the international market.
  • Horizon more than three years.

Performance and taxation of investment funds

Practical information

Catalana Occidente Capital, Agencia de Valores, S.A., autorizada por la CNMV con nº de registro 212, es una compañía de GCO, empresa líder en el sector asegurador, con una elevada solvencia y una extensa implantación en todo el territorio nacional. CO Capital AV comercializa a clientes minoristas y empresas una amplia y variada gama de fondos de inversión, con diferente nivel de rentabilidad y riesgo.

El servicio prestado por CO Capital AV consiste en la recepción y transmisión de órdenes de partícipes, y el servicio de asesoramiento financiero no independiente en materia de inversión exclusivamente sobre participaciones en Instituciones de Inversión Colectiva de carácter UCITS, dirigido a clientes minoristas, sin posibilidad de disponer de fondos de clientes. Dicho servicio se presta de forma continua, recurrente (anualmente) y de forma personalizada. Además, no tiene ningún coste para el cliente.

CO Capital AV tiene actualmente dos contratos de comercialización. Uno con la Gestora del Grupo, Grupo Catalana Occidente Gestión de Activos, S.A.U. S.G.I.I.C. y otro con Gesiuris Asset Management S.G.I.I.C., S.A.

CO Capital AV distribuye sus productos a través de sus Representantes, que además son Agentes de Seguros de las entidades Seguros Catalana Occidente y Seguros Bilbao. Todos sus Representantes cuentan con una formación y experiencia amplia sobre el funcionamiento de los mercados financieros e informan y asesoran a los clientes, sobre las características de los fondos de inversión que comercializan. 

Why investors trust in Occident's funds


Provide value to your investments thanks to the permanent search for the best investment alternative according to the evolution of the markets, the risk they are prepared to assume and the expectations of profitability.

Personalised Customer Service

We will accompany you from day one, giving you a personalised answer to all your questions and guiding you on the services that best suit your needs through your insurance broker.


We are a solid and solvent company, with extensive experience in marketing and managing insurance and financial assets, belonging to one of the country's leading insurance groups, GCO.


An Investment Fund (IF) or Collective Investment Institution (CII) is a savings/investment instrument whereby each customer (participant) owns a part of the assets that comprise the IF in proportion to the value of their contributions.

All the contributions of these participants make up the fund's assets, which are managed by professionals from the financial markets (management company), according to the investment policy that each fund has established.

The IF provides access to investing in countries and markets that would be very difficult to access individually or at a very high cost. The securities (shares and/or bonds) in which the management company decides to invest the fund's assets are deposited in a depository entity, which safeguards these securities and, in turn, supervises the management of the management company.

Customers make contributions to the chosen fund by acquiring shares in it. These contributions constitute the fund's capital, which are invested in different assets (in accordance with the fund's investment policy) by the investment fund's management team in order to obtain the maximum return.

The value of the shares that make up the fund, will be given by the market price of all the assets in which the fund invests and will be the result of dividing the equity of the fund by the number of shares existing at each time.

The Occident investment funds have characteristics that make them attractive savings and investment products:

  • Investment funds permit easy access to the different financial markets to try to achieve returns on the invested capital.
  • Specialised market management: The fund is managed by highly qualified staff, with experience and who are familiar with the markets invested in.
  • Greater flexibility: The investment can be adapted to each risk profile, the investment horizon and the sustainability preferences to achieve all the objectives set.
  • Greater scope: possibility of investing in markets more easily thanks to the fact that the savings are added to those of the rest of the investment fund investors.
  • Immediate liquidity: you can access your savings at any time and without any penalty.
  • Transparency: Investment funds are supervised by the CNMV, audited annually by external consultants and biannually make available to investors the portfolio where the assets have been invested.
  • Diversification: investment funds invest the capital in different assets, thus reducing the risk of the portfolio.
  • Taxation: One of the main tax advantages of investment funds is that the transfer between funds is exempt from taxation. In other words, if you move your investment from one fund to another, you will not have to pay tax on the earnings obtained to date (latent capital gain).

To subscribe to an investment fund, please contact your nearest Occident branch or call this telephone number to request advice from a CO Capital AV representative at the branch. They can advise you on how to make your investment. The minimum amount to start investing in an Occident brand fund will be €600 and for subsequent contributions it will be €300. The funds of the GCO brand have no minimum amount.

To follow a correct investment strategy, diversification is essential, both in the case of a professional and an individual investor. This will always depend on the investor's risk profile and time horizon. The greater the risk tolerance and the longer the time horizon the investor has, the greater the weighting of equities.

Diversification dilutes the risk associated with a fall in value or sector, given that the assets have a different behaviour to market conditions.

With the investment funds marketed by CO Capital AV, you can take advantage of the efficiency of the markets by picking up the trend, and taking advantage of the diversification of the funds showing a lower volatility than the one that presents the market

The managing entity of the investment funds of the Catalana Occidente brand is Gesiuris Asset Management, SGIIC. S.A.

The managing entity of the investment funds of the Grupo Catalana Occidente brand is Grupo Catalana Occidente Gestión de Activos, S.A.U. S.G.I.I.C.

You can follow the daily progress of your investment funds (in addition to other products) in a personalised way by registering with e-customer. You can also check the net asset value of investment funds on this website.

The investment funds marketed by CO Capital AV have two types of fees:

  • Management fee: This is the remuneration received by the management company for managing the assets and depends on the fund's investment policy.
  • Depository fee: This is the remuneration received by the depository company for safeguarding the securities in which the funds invest.

There are also other types of fees, such as the subscription fee and redemption fee, among others. The funds offered by CO Capital AV do not charge any fees of this kind. If you wish to consult the amounts of these fees, they are explained in the brochures registered with the CNMV.