Consumer equipment insurance

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recreational drone insurance

What makes our drone insurance different

Through our Consumer devices insurance, we offer complete coverage for your new drone, with the customised protection it will need. Enjoy your hobby, safe in the knowledge that you will be covered against damage to third parties and that your drone will be protected if it breaks.

Designed for your drone

It allows you to insure your drone specifically, without the uncertainty that comes from including it in a more general policy that may not fully cover it.

Tailor-made protection

The insurance coverage is tailored to the type and number of drones you want to insure. You can also set up any supplementary coverage you need.

Legal services

Along with the material damage coverage, this drone insurance provides you with a legal advice helpline, as well as defence against legal claims.

What our drone insurance covers

It is the basic coverage for Consumption equipment, and it covers the material damage that your drone may suffer accidentally due to external causes, such as impacts, falls, etc.

Coverage for damage suffered by your drone in the event of theft or robbery.

Damage to the insured drone as a consequence of water or other liquids penetrating into the equipment.

Accidental breakage of screens, lenses and other glass or methacrylate materials that are part of the insured drone, including the material cost and installation and assembly costs.

Material or personal damage, as well as the damages arising therefrom, caused by the insured party unintentionally to third parties due to the ownership and use of the drone.

Services included in our drone insurance


This drone insurance is for people who have purchased a new drone for their personal use and who wish to protect it against any damage.

If you insure a drone, you can include this coverage to have us deal with any material or personal damages and losses arising from said damages, which you may involuntarily cause to third parties while using your drone. In addition to the compensation, court expenses and bonds are included.

It does not cover fines or penalties, nor sanctions for failing to pay said fines.