Pet Insurance

pet insurance for dogs and cats

What makes our pet insurance different

With Pet insurance, we will be there to support you throughout your dog's or cat's life, offering professional services and specialised care from the first moment. And we help you with the expenses arising from the care your pet deserves as another member of the family.

Extensive veterinary directory

With our pet insurance, you can benefit from significant discounts in affiliated veterinary centres and at dog and cat homes.

Unlimited free visits

You will have in-person veterinary advice from the professionals in our directory and can consult them as often as you wish regarding non-urgent matters.

Reimbursement of expenses

We will refund your pet's veterinary expenses in the event of illness, including consultations, laboratory tests, surgical procedures, etc.

Civil liability

You will not need to worry about your defence in the event of a claim from a third party, if your dog or cat should cause an accident, damage or injury.

Location of lost pets

We guarantee reimbursement of any expenses you have to meet if your pet is lost and you need to locate it (announcements in the press, on the radio, etc.).

Pet care

What our insurance for dogs and cats covers

  • Veterinary advice by telephone.
  • Veterinary directory and our own network of care centres.
  • In-person visits to the vet.
  • Veterinary care expenses if your cat or dog has an accident.
  • Veterinary care expenses if your pet is ill.
  • Travel expenses if specialised treatment is needed.

This civil liability coverage will protect you financially if your pet causes damage to third parties. You can insure yourself with extra capital if you consider it necessary. No need to worry about anything: this is an insurance policy for dogs and cats with no excess.

If your pet is lost, we will reimburse you for:

  • The expenses you have incurred in order to locate it: announcements in the press, on radio, the internet, etc.
  • Accommodation expenses you have incurred while you were searching.

We will compensate you if your pet is stolen.

If you require emergency hospitalisation due to an illness or accident, we will cover the cost of your pet's stay in a dogs' or cats' home.

If your pet falls ill or is lost, we will reimburse you for:

  • The cancellation costs of travel you have planned and booked, whether the cancellation is total or partial.
  • The cost of staying abroad, when your pet has travelled with you.
  • Criminal law defence as the owner of the pet.
  • Claims for loss and damages.
  • Administrative defence.
  • We will compensate you in the event of your dog's or cat's death due to an accident.
  • We will reimburse you for the cost of having the pet put down, collection and transfer costs, and the cost of the pet's burial or cremation and a funeral urn.


To access the directory of vets and homes for pets, click on the highlighted link on this website. You can then find the centre that is nearest to you.

Yes, when you take out veterinary insurance, the pet must have official identification and must therefore have a chip, tattoo or health card.

There is no fixed premium. The price of dog insurance depends on various factors. They include the dog's breed and age, its weight, whether it has been sterilised and the capital you set as the value of your pet.

Ask us for information and we will give you an estimate tailored to your pet's characteristics.

A veterinary insurance policy is the same as our Pet insurance: you will have the same coverage and even more protection. Call us and we will answer any queries you may have.

To find out if your pet's insurance really covers your needs, make sure that the capital covered is sufficient and that you can receive attention close to your home. You should also check whether there are any additional advantages such as discounts. It is especially important to know what will happen in the event of an accident, illness or death.

At Occident we know that your pet is another member of the family and that their protection is the most important thing. If you have any queries, just contact us! We will be pleased to give you full details.


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