Electric car insurance

hybrid electric car insurance
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What makes our electric car insurance different

With our insurance for electric and hybrid cars we are committed to the environment. Electric Vehicles is an insurance policy that is committed to the development of mobility, providing coverage for specific elements of this type of car and taking into consideration their technical requirements and specific features: a new car insurance policy for a new form of mobility, yours.

Cable and charging station

Includes in the damage guarantee both the charging cable and the private charging station for your electric vehicle.

Theft of batteries

We ensure the replacement of the same model of batteries in cases where there is also damage to the rest of the vehicle.

Charging points

We provide you with updated information on the nearest operational charging points to your location.

Travel assistance

We tow your vehicle if it stops due to insufficient charge. And we give you the possibility of recharging it on the spot.

Damage due to a cyberattack

Protect material damage to your car resulting from accidents caused by a cyberattack.

Replacement vehicle

If you need it, you will have a replacement vehicle at your disposal, preferably with an Eco or 0 emissions label.

What our insurance for electric cars covers

Services included in our electric car insurance



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