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Occident Renta Fija, FI

Occident renta fija, FI
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What makes Occident Renta Fija, FI different

Occident Renta Fija, FI is a fixed-income investment fund whose aim is to obtain returns that are in line with the interest rates of the Euro Zone. This fund invests in national and international fixed-income securities, denominated in euros, with maturities of more than one year. This fund is the best alternative for achieving a return on savings without incurring market or foreign exchange risks.

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Practical information Occident Renta Fija, FI

Occident Renta Fija, FI performance

The management objective is to maximise the return/risk ratio. The fund is active and management is not based on any reference rate. Past returns do not guarantee future returns. 

Fund performance

Individual return (% not annualised) Returns
Yearly total 2.81
Last quarter 1.33
Q1 0.76
Q2 0.17
Q3 0.53
2022 -2.62
2021 -0.86
2020 -0.58

Fund composition

Pie chart showing the percentage distribution of the fund's composition.

Investor profile

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