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Choose from all our car insurance policies

We offer you the widest range of car insurance coverage. From compulsory to fully comprehensive, so that you can choose the level of protection you want. Travel with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered for any unforeseen event with Occident car insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance with excess

Adjusted premium without foregoing any coverage.

  • Own damage.
  • Extended assistance.

Fully comprehensive car insurance with no excess

We cover everything, absolutely everything.

  • 360º protection for your vehicle.
  • Replacement vehicle included.

Basic third-party car insurance

The compulsory coverage your car needs.

  • Tailored price.
  • Assistance from km 0.

Full third-party car insurance

Greater protection, greater peace of mind.

  • Extended security.
  • Assistance from km 0.

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Why our customers choose Occident car insurance

Travel assistance from 0 km

Whatever happens, we will be with you from the instant you sign your policy with Occidente.

Personalised Customer Service

We will be by your side from day one, resolving any queries and any incidents individually.

The best professionals

Taking out car insurance with us means always having skilled mechanics at hand through our AutoPresto network of garages.

How this policy protects you

Your vehicle

Your liability

You and your family

Your interests

Your peace of mind

Your fines

Compare the coverage of our car insurance policies

Fully comprehensive with excess

Protection for you and third parties

Fully comprehensive with maintenance excess

Economical premium without foregoing any coverage

Fully comprehensive with no excess

We cover everything, absolutely everything

Damage to own vehicle without excess, fire and theft Included Not included Not included
Personal belongings and luggage Optional Optional Optional
Optional excess equipment Optional Optional Optional
Game and domestic animals Included Included Included

Third parties

What's most important, perfectly protected

Full third-party

Greater protection, greater peace of mind.

Damage to own vehicle without excess, fire and theft Not included Not included
Personal belongings and luggage Not included Optional
Optional excess equipment Not included Optional
Game and domestic animals Included Included


Basic third-party car insurance is the most economical insurance, since it includes those essential coverages that comply with the law. Yet, for a little more, we offer you our full third-party Car Insurance to extend your level of coverage to include fire and theft. 

Choosing your car insurance will primarily depend on your needs and those of your car.

  • The age of your vehicle is important: if it is new, given its recent purchase value, we recommend having comprehensive car insurance for total protection.
  • The use and mileage per year will also have an influence: How you use your car is also a factor in choosing the type of insurance: the needs and probabilities of suffering a mishap vary depending on whether the vehicle is used more or less frequently. 

With your Occident car insurance you will benefit from a series of exclusive services to repair your car in the event of an accident, our network of AutoPresto garages, where you will enjoy interesting advantages such as:  

  • Courtesy vehicle.  
  • €60 discount on each excess. 
  • Immediate assessment of your vehicle and preferential service. 
  • Keeping the discount level of your policy.  
  • Vehicle collection and delivery service to your home.  
  • Interior/exterior cleaning service and general condition check of your vehicle. 
  • Guarantee of up to 3 years for all repairs.  

It is no longer compulsory to carry your original insurance papers in your car along with the most recent bill. Traffic police officers can verify your details through the FIVA (Information File on Insured Vehicles). If they cannot carry out the check, you must submit the receipt or proof of insurance within 5 days at the Traffic Headquarters. 

Here are the vehicle documents you should carry with you

Yes, all cars must have at least one insurance policy with civil liability cover, even if it is a collector's car that is going to be parked in your garage. 


It's not possible. Foreign-registered cars must be insured in their country of origin.

Date of driving licence

Your years of driving experience are a major element in determining your insurance premium.

Value of your vehicle

Your insurance premium will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Age of the person driving

The age of the driver will also play a role in determining the price.