Health insurance

Family health insurance

The best health insurance for you

Occident offers you different types of health insurance with complete coverage through its medical directory. It gives you access to centres specialising in personal care and pays you a daily allowance in the event of hospitalisation.

Healthcare insurance

Choose the copayment option you prefer and access the best private medical care.

  • Nearly 50,000 professionals and medical centres.
  • Keep your own paediatrician and gynaecologist.

Health Reimbursement Insurance

Guaranteed reimbursement of your medical expenses at any centre in Spain or abroad.

  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Dental services included.

Health well-being Insurance

Your most affordable health insurance with a broad range of doctors at agreed prices.

  • The best professionals and healthcare centres.
  • No waiting lists or waiting periods.

Senior health and well-being insurance

The most comprehensive health insurance for the elderly.

  • Extensive medical directory at special rates.
  • Free consultations for geriatrics, dietetics and psychology.

Health hospitalisation benefit insurance

Receive daily compensation in the event of hospital admission.

  • Hospitalisation for any reason.
  • Access to an extensive medical directory with priority services.

Why families protect themselves with Occident health insurance

Personalised Customer Service

We will support you from day one, answering all your questions and providing the services you need.

Regular information

We are committed to offering you regular, useful, high-quality information, with the assistance of the best professionals.

Support and trust

We are a solid, solvent company, with more than one hundred years' experience.


The waiting period is the period during which certain insurance coverage cannot be used. In the case of our health insurance policies, this waiting time varies according to the type of test or treatment.

For example, in the Salud mixed reimbursement policy, a 6-month waiting period is established for certain diagnostic tests and hospitalisation, and there is a 10-month waiting period for pregnancy.

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions that existed before a health insurance policy came into effect. As they existed before the policy was taken out, these conditions will not be covered by the company.

Copayment is the contribution of the insured person to the cost of a medical procedure. For instance, if a policy sets a co-payment of 20 euros for medical consultation, the insured party will have to pay this amount every time he/she needs to visit a specialist.