Death insurance

Death insurance

Choose your death insurance

At so difficult a time as the loss of a loved one, death insurance will make all the arrangements and cover all the expenses relating to the funeral service, with just one call. You can also take out coverage for dealing with the legal procedures associated with death. We offer different types of policy to adapt to your family situation.

Death Insurance

We take care of everything after a death.

  • Comprehensive funeral management.
  • Administrative service included.

Senior Death Insurance

Leave everything foreseen with a single payment.

  •  Comprehensive service management.
  •  No waiting periods.

Death insurance with repatriation

We'll take you back home, wherever you are.

  • Comprehensive service management.
  • Expenses of the companion are included.

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Why families choose Occident death insurance

Expert professionals

From the most effective advice when taking out a policy to totally personal management of the funeral service, Occident guarantees you the very best care.

Complementary coverage

In addition to the guarantees for holding the funeral service, our policies offer you additional cover such as medical and legal advice over the phone.

Complete peace of mind

The insured capital is revalued to keep it up to date at all times. If the cost of the service is lower, the beneficiaries will receive the difference.


The purpose of death insurance is to provide a quality funeral service and carry out the necessary procedures at this difficult time. The insurance company liaises with the funeral company regarding the coverage provided by the death policy, the organisation of the service, post-mortem management, etc., so that the family doesn't have to worry about anything.

The main benefit of death insurance is comprehensive coverage for the funeral service. If the insured person dies in a different part of Spain or in a foreign country, we guarantee the cost of the transfer. Some special services are also available, such as the option to make an online will, deletion of the person's digital footprint or post-mortem management, so that the family does not have to deal with the relevant procedures. Among our optional additional services, we would highlight the service for managing the death of pets.

We have a wide range of services in virtually all areas. The price of death insurance is based on the cost of the funeral service contracted and the age of the insured person, among other factors. If you want a personalised estimate, call us now or fill in the contact form and we will give you a quote.

Anyone of any age can take out death insurance, and the policy can include other members of the family.

When a death occurs, a simple call sets the entire service in motion and a company professional will personally attend to the family, facilitating procedures and decision-making at this difficult time. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.