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What makes our legal defence policy different

Our legal defence insurance provides a complete set of services and coverage designed to protect your rights and interests, as well as those of your family, providing legal advice, ensuring you can make claims against third parties, and providing protection and defence in court proceedings or out of court settlements, in any situation and whenever you need it.

Legal advice

Contact a lawyer in our network and meet face-to-face, go to their office or speak on the phone, to explain your situation, resolve all your doubts, etc.

Drawing up documents

Don't know how to submit a letter of complaint, draw up a rental contract or a purchase/sale contract? Our team of experts will take care of it for you.

Claims against third parties

With family legal protection insurance, a lawyer will ensure that your rights as a consumer are exercised in full.

Family and employment protection

We advise and defend you in connection with legal matters that affect you in your private life or in your workplace as an employee.

Protection for landlords

If necessary, we can help you to defend your rights in disputes regarding renting your home, and protect you in the event of non-payment of rent.

What our legal insurance covers

Services included in our family legal protection insurance



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