Savings and retirement

Life savings insurance

life-savings insurance

Choose your life savings insurance plan

The Occident savings insurance plans are the ideal option for building a capital that allows you to achieve your goals with complete peace of mind. They are proposed so that you can decide how you want to manage your money.

Growing Savings insurance

Manage your savings flexibly and securely.

  • Obtain a guaranteed medium-term and long-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the first year.

Capital Savings insurance

The fastest return on your savings.

  • Obtain a guaranteed short- and medium-term return.
  • Freely access your money from the ninth month.


Build a savings plan tailored to your goals.

  • Decide your own investment strategy.
  • Do not pay tax on the capital generated if you receive it in the form of income.

SIALP Savings

Your safest 5-year plan.

  • Build assets with guaranteed interest.
  • Benefit from the tax exemption of the returns you generate.

Multi-fund Investment

Diversify your investment and grow your savings.

  • Choose and combine a choice of eight funds.
  • Change your strategy as many times as you like.

Why people entrust their savings to Occident

Personalised Customer Service

We will accompany you from day one, giving you a personal response to your questions and adapting our offer to your saving profile.

Regular information

We are committed to offering you regular, useful and quality information, with professionals specialising in financial products.

Trust and solvency

Occident is a solid company with a long history, backed by the trust that thousands of people place in its products and professionals.

Return and taxation offered by our life and savings insurance plans


Savings insurance is tailored to your current needs and circumstances, allowing you to modify the contribution plan at any time and enjoy significant economic benefits, such as its high level of liquidity, enabling you to recover the capital accumulated in part or in full, as well as significant tax advantages.

Improve your savings with maximum guarantees and complete peace with the Occident insurance plan most suited to the level of risk level you are prepared to assume, choosing the amount and frequency of your contributions, the type of return and the way in which will redeem your capital.

At Occident, we want to offer you maximum availability of your savings and therefore all our savings insurance plans have a high level of liquidity. However, we recommend that you contact your broker to consult at what time it is most beneficial for you to have access to your money.