Life savings insurance

Growing Savings insurance

flexible retirement savings insurance

What makes our retirement savings insurance different

Growing savings is a flexible savings insurance policy in which you decide how and when to make contributions. Choose the strategy that best suits your savings needs and obtain a guaranteed return for your medium- and long-term savings without assuming any risk in the investment. In addition, enjoy full protection with several additional coverages.

Flexible savings

Decide how you want to save and change your choice to suit your needs.


Enjoy the peace of mind that it gives you to build wealth without any risks.


Extend the coverage of your Growing Savings insurance, supplementing it with life insurance.


Group together the insurance policies you have, including those of your family unit and benefit from advantages.


You will be able to freely access the money from the first year without any penalty.

Return and taxation offered by our Flexible savings insurance

Risk profile / return









Generally lower returns

Generally higher returns

This number is indicative of the risk of the product; 1/6 implicating a lower risk and 6/6 a higher risk.

What our Growing savings insurance covers

Protect your loved ones by guaranteeing them the payment of the value accumulated in your Growing Savings insurance and an additional capital in the event of death.

With our flexible savings insurance, which is also financially paid to your loved ones in the event that you reach an irreversible physical or mental situation that prevents you from exercising any remunerated activity.

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, you will receive 50% of the capital guaranteed for death, so that you can be treated in the hospital of your choice.

In the event of death due to an accident, the beneficiary designated by you will receive the accumulated value of your Growing savings insurance and double the additional capital for death.

Services included in our Growing savings insurance


Choose the contribution method that works best for you: periodic or extraordinary.

If you wish, you can pause contributions and carry them on whenever you choose, without any penalty as a result.

You can access your savings, totally or partially, one year after the first contribution and without any penalty.