compulsory insurance for the self-employed

You do not need to neglect your health

Keep your income afloat

In the event of an accident, illness and/or maternity, you will get compensation simply by submitting a detailed medical report.

Adapted to suit your sector

Our insurance is adapted to your needs with adjustable daily benefits depending on your profession or normal income.

Add guarantees

You will have a combination of guarantees and additional, exclusive coverage, such as travel assistance or a benefit for giving birth.

Protecting you to progress

Insurance for hospitalisation for the self-employed


If you are on sick leave as a result of an occupational illness or accident

As a self-employed person, you may hold many positions within your business. Manufacturer, salesperson, accountant... that's why you have to foresee the risks of falling ill so a sick leave doesn't stop you from getting paid.

accident insurance self-employed disability


Insurance that takes care of the health of the self-employed

In the case of hospitalisation, whether due to maternity, illness or accident, the focus of your efforts should be on getting well, not on the money you are missing out on. Hospitalisation benefit takes care of that and much more.

paying hospitalisation self-employed insurance


Self-employed does not mean being alone

Running your own business can be difficult and, even if you are carrying all the burden of your business, remember that you are not alone. Also, a good insurance policy can help you in case you have to face unexpected expenses because of your business. Protect your assets against unforeseen events.

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Do you have any queries?

On this journey you will have to deal with many things on your own, but clearing up queries about your insurance or requesting help in taking out insurance policies will not be one of them, because we are there for you in these ways:

Learn about our health insurance policies for self-employed workers

Health hospitalisation benefit insurance for self-employed

Insure your recovery with a daily allowance.

  • Hospitalisation for any reason.
  • Also in the event of convalescence at home.

Temporary disability insurance for the self-employed

Preserve your income even when you are on sick leave.

  • Compensation in case of temporary disability.
  • Your family is also protected in the event of death.


A self-employed worker is responsible for their income and expenses, if they have to stop their activity due to a work-related illness or accident, they need to have a source of income while they are on leave. For this reason, occupational disability insurance policies are available.

As a self-employed worker, you may need specific attention due to your activity, which in public health can be slowed down due to waiting times, and lack of specialists. Private health insurance for self-employed workers is a solution that can help resolve your problem faster and more efficiently.

The guarantee is worldwide, so coverage for hospitalisation also applies abroad, in both public and private centres.

The main benefit is agility in terms of the procedures for receiving the compensation since, once the documentation on the incapacity has been submitted, we undertake to make the payment within 48 hours, without needing to wait for a medical discharge. In addition, it is not necessary for the company to monitor the incapacity, and even if you recover before the number of days determined on the scale, you will receive all the capital established according to the pathology in question.

The hospitalisation indemnities would be received once the hospitalisation period has ended, the total amount being calculated based on the number of days you remain hospitalised, with twice the compensation for the first day of hospitalisation.

In the event of an accident, this compensation could be increased by 100%.


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