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income insurance

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We have designed several types of income insurance to ensure you for an extra capital to complement your retirement, either for a specific period or for life. It is a convenient way to insure your future and guarantee income that will allow you to enjoy your retirement.

Income Insurance

Turn your savings into a monthly income.

  • Receive a guaranteed interest.
  • Benefit from advantageous taxation.

Reverse mortgage

Transform your home into a life annuity.

  • If you are aged over 65, this product is of interest to you.
  • Maintain ownership of the property.

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Why people place their trust in a life annuity with Occident

Perfect addition

Extra money every month to supplement your salary or pension.


You can decide who can benefit from the income.

Tax relief

You will receive tax benefits in accordance with the current legislation.


Life annuities are a very suitable product for:

  • People who wish to supplement their salary or pension by receiving extra money every month.
  • Recipients of early retirement or termination of employment benefits to those who are interested in having a guaranteed monthly income to complement their unemployment benefit during the period in which they will not receive income until reaching retirement.
  • Beneficiaries of compensation for accidents or court ruling.
  • Beneficiaries of other life or accident insurance policies.

Although the ultimate goal may be similar - guaranteeing income for retirement - the operation of an income insurance policy and a pension plan is completely different.

A pension plan works by making regular contributions (annual, monthly, etc.) that can be redeemed when the time comes, generally in full. On the other hand, income insurance works by means of a single contribution that will be redeemed month by month after retirement begins.

The income is insurance that provides the holder with a monthly life annuity, i.e. from the time of taking out and until their death. They are also a type of life insurance that allows the future of their family to be covered in the event of the insured party's death.