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Choose the best home insurance

More than insurance

Take advantage of Home insurance services such as Home Assistance, BricoHogar, Telephone medical advice and much more.

Insurance for everyone

Not only your home and its contents will be protected. Your family will get the best protection, including pets.

24-hour technical service

Morning, afternoon and through the night we are here for you. Request our own repair service whenever you need it.

Start creating your first home

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There's no place like home

You have bought your first home and it's important to fill it with unforgettable moments. So that those moments last and are as happy as possible, it's good to have the backing and comfort of a good insurance policy. We help you choose the best home insurance.

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When you need more than an insurance policy

You're moving into a new home and you come across small problems that you don't know how to solve. There may be a piece of furniture that you can't assemble or an electric appliance that seems not to be working. Or you may even need to consult a vet because your dog is not well. Well, we include all these things.

choose the best home insurance


Enjoy your first home to the full

Don't let a leak or a loose tile keep you awake at night. And if the problem is with a neighbour, don't despair. Your insurance is here to help.

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Do you have any queries?

If you have already seen the advantages of good home insurance to cover your needs and you want to clarify any doubts about what coverage to take out, we are here to help you. You can get in touch in various ways:

Find out about our insurance policies for your home

The most popular policy

Home insurance

Your home is unique and special, that's why we offer you tailor-made protection.

  • 24 assistance and emergency services.
  • BricoHogar Service include. 

Caravan Insurance

Feel at home, wherever you are.

  • 24 assistance and emergency services. 
  • Customised insurance.

Repayment Life Insurance

Insure your mortgage payment, whatever happens.

  • Death and disability.
  • Adapted to your type of loan.


Because many things could happen that you may not foresee, but you can be protected against. Your home insurance protects you against many of these unforeseen events. Broken windows or pipes, burglaries, or fires caused by minor accidents, are just some examples.

In addition, it is the most reliable, practical, affordable, and simple way of quickly resolving any household incident.

The buildings are all the integrated components of your home that it would be impossible to convert, move, or put in another place without causing damage.

This includes the physical structure of the house, walls, ceilings/roofs and floors, as well as garages, parking spaces, storage rooms, installed utilities, toilets, solar panels, or leisure facilities such as swimming pools or sports grounds.

The contents refer to all goods found within the property to make it habitable, such as furniture, household items and personal belongings that are not part of the built components.

Find out more about the difference between building and contents in home insurance

On the one hand, you need to insure the premises for the cost of rebuilding your property, including parking spaces/garages and storage rooms, and excluding the value of the land, since this is not lost. The total square metres of floor space is used as a reference in making this calculation.

In terms of the value of contents, we recommend you make an inventory of all your goods and belongings, and consider that any jewellery and high-value objects may need to be insured individually.


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