Consumer equipment insurance

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Choose an insurance policy for your personal belongings

Consumer equipment is an insurance for personal belongings specifically designed to protect recently purchased goods that are valuable to you, such as computers, consoles, scooters and electric bikes, musical instruments, drones and many more.

Insurance for drones

Tailor-made protection for your drone.

  • Coverage against damage.
  • Civil liability.

Insurance for musical instruments

Enjoy your hobby worry-free.

  • More than 50 instruments, wind, string or percussion.
  • Coverage for damage and theft.

Insurance for cochlear implants

Maximum coverage for your hearing aids.

  • Worldwide.
  • Protection against damage and theft.

Insurance for laptops and PCs

Tailor-made policy for your equipment.

  • Theft.
  • Broken screen and other damage.

Camera insurance

Insure your photographic equipment against the unexpected.

  • Theft.
  • Damage due to liquids, broken screen and more.

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Why do people protect their personal belongings with Occident?

Uninterrupted service

We are available at our 24-hour telephone helpline, 365 days a year

Personalised Customer Service

We will support you from day one, answering all your questions and providing the services you need.

Support and trust

We are a sound, solvent company with more than 1,300 offices at your service and over 100 years' experience.


Este seguro se dirige a todas aquellas personas que hayan adquirido un equipo nuevo para su uso personal y deseen protegerlo ante cualquier daño.

Electronic devices such as laptop or desktop computers, printers, cameras, televisions, players, speakers, headphones, smartwatches, virtual reality glasses and small household appliances (food processor, hoovers, etc.)

Also personal mobility vehicles (whether electric or not), such as bicycles, scooters, Segways, wheelchairs, and others.

Many musical instruments: guitars, bass, piano, wind, string, etc.

Other equipment such as skis, snow boards, surfboards, fishing rods, drones and hearing aids.

No. Mobiles and tablets are not amongst the 150+ insurable consumer devices, but consoles, audio/video equipment, drones and electric scooters are.

If you insure a personal mobility vehicle, you can include this coverage to have us deal with any material or personal damages and losses arising from said damages, which you may involuntarily cause to third parties through your use and ownership of the vehicle. In addition to the compensation, court expenses and bonds are included.

The payment of fines or penalties, or the consequences of not paying them, are not covered.

Yes, depending on the personal item you insure, for example in the case of a personal mobility vehicle, if you have an accident, you will be covered.

The accident expense coverage includes payments for the following:

  • Hospitalisation and medical/pharmaceutical expenses
  • Travel and subsistence expenses, if the medical professional specifies that the treatment must be provided in a city other than your primary residence.
  • Expenses for home-based care.
  • Physical rehabilitation.