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With the management after death service, we attend to the needs of the deceased's relatives in obtaining and processing documents.

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What the death procedures service includes

  • In general: death certificate, family record book...
  • Widowhood: the pensioner's declaration of death, official company earnings certificate, or forms of the special scheme for self-employed workers, as applicable, widower's pension.
  • Orphanhood.
  • For family members with a dependent child and/or death grant.
  • Certificate of last will and testament and other necessary documents from the Civil Registry.
  • Original death certificate and certified copy.
  • Certified copy of the will.
  • Deregistration of the deceased insured party as user of the National Health System and/or as a pensioner of the National Social Security Institute or, if the competence thereof has been transferred, of the Autonomous Region's corresponding body.
  • Request for life insurance certificates.

Frequently asked questions

The times vary depending on the type of document. If you need further information on the procedures after death, please see our blog.

A department of legal experts operating at a national level carries out these procedures every day for customers who request this service.

The post-death management service does not affect the amount of the insurance premium.

Frequently asked questions

Policies most popular that include this service

Death Insurance

We take care of everything after a death.

  • Comprehensive funeral management.
  • Administrative service included.

Senior Death Insurance

Leave everything foreseen with a single payment.

  •  Comprehensive service management.
  •  No waiting periods.