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How to save for your retirement and avoid worries

Choose the best savings plan

There are many ways of saving, including PPA, SIALP and pension plans. Occident will tell you about all of them, so that you can choose the best one for you.

A single call and we'll take care of everything

At certain times, you need to have the best service and attention. When the time comes, we will be by your side. You just need to let us know.

Consider Death insurance

Your family should not need to worry about paperwork. Don't wait until the last minute to take out death insurance.

Prepare for your retirement with a savings plan

how to save money for retirement


Look to the future calmly

Thinking about your own future and your family's future is a task that you can start to solve, or at least facilitate, today. Either with a savings plan to help with expenses once retirement arrives or thinking about when you are no longer here and want to improve the situation of those who are left behind.

 death insurance maximum age


Why take out death insurance

Big goodbyes are the ones that hurt the most. That's why we often don't want to think about it, but if we did, we would certainly want the best for those we leave behind. Almost like leaving a thank you note for everything we have experienced together. Well, that's what you can do.

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How you can complete your future

All the savings solutions among which you can choose the best one for you, and our death insurance, include additional services from which you can benefit from the moment you take out the policy.

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Do you have any queries?

If you want to begin planning your farewell and need help, our experts can lend a hand in planning your future for a better retirement as well as reducing the complications for those who will be left behind after you are gone. Contact us:

Find out about our savings and life insurance policies

Individual pension plan

Plan your retirement supplement flexibly.

  • fixed, variable or mixed income? You choose.
  • Possibility of suspending and restarting contributions.

PPA Savings

Your most secure pension plan.

  • Maximise your savings without taking risks.
  • Choose how to retrieve the capital: income or redemption.

Death Insurance

We take care of everything after a death.

  • Comprehensive funeral management.
  • Administrative service included.


No. Public pensions are insufficient at all levels. The distance between the state pension and the wage that is enjoyed during working life is obvious and particularly significant in the case of salaries above 24,000 euros. Thus, pensioners at medium-high levels also lose the purchasing power they had when they were working.

It is usually preferable to receive payments in the form of capital in a financial year subsequent to retirement. This means that in the financial year it is collected, income is lower than those of the asset phase and a positive tax effect is produced.

The maximum age for taking out death insurance is 70 years old. If you are over this age, you can choose death insurance with a single premium. In this category of death insurance, only a single payment is made.


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