Health insurance for young people

Extensive medical directory

More than 13,000 service points, including psychology, covering all medical-surgical specialities.

Kiss goodbye to waiting lists

The long waits are over to access specialists! We offer fast and high quality care.

Be protected go wherever you go

Travel the world. With our travel insurance for young people, you will always be protected and cared for.

Taking care of yourself anywhere was never so easy

health insurance for young people


First stop: your health

Taking care of your health is not just about healthy and balanced eating and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. Having an insurance policy that helps you when you really need it and with great flexibility is also important.

travel medical insurance


Travel as much as you want, but protected

If you like to grab a suitcase and go and discover the world, you'll like it much more if you know that in the face of an unforeseen event such as a trip cancellation or in the event of an accident or illness you're protected internationally.

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What do I need to take care of my health?

Preventive healthcare is essential. But, even if it appears like you are invincible, helping to improve your diet, caring for young people's mental health or learning about correct dental health can benefit us all.

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Do you have any queries?

You already know how to live with peace of mind, take care of your health and organise your trips securely, but if you still have any questions, we are nearby to resolve them.

Discover our health and travel insurance plans

Health well-being Insurance

Your most affordable health insurance with a broad range of doctors at agreed prices.

  • The best professionals and healthcare centres.
  • No waiting lists or waiting periods.

Compulsory Passenger Insurance

The insurance you need by law for your tickets.

  • Coverage for death and disability.
  • Additional capital for medical expenses.

Travel cancellation insurance

Recover your money if you cannot make a trip that has already been paid for.

  • No penalties.
  • One year's coverage.


If you have any questions about which health insurance best suits you, please contact one of our agents. They will advise you and guide you throughout the process.

It is essential that you send us the documentation requested and any supplementary reports or evidence you may wish to add.

A serious accident is any bodily injury that occurs due to a violent, unexpected, external cause that is completely involuntary and prevents the person from travelling normally to his/her usual place of residence.

Serious illness, on the other hand, is when a health problem is diagnosed and confirmed by a doctor who gives instructions for the patient to stay in bed or be admitted to hospital. It also prevents the person from engaging in any professional or private activity.


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