insurance for SMEs
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Find out how to protect your company

Specialist advice

We streamline insurance procedures for companies by providing insurance specialists for SMEs and emerging companies.

Protect your establishments

Occident offers you exclusive professional advice on the subject of fire prevention and protection for your business, establishment, or facilities.

Everything for your SME

The best tool for your company. Very comprehensive insurance with which you only have to worry about what really matters- making your business grow.

How to safeguard your business initiative

protect my company recommended insurance policies


My company. My treasure

A business initiative combines creativity and innovation, requires risks, strategic planning, persistence, and most importantly, an economic risk. Starting the journey will be your life's project, and protecting it later will be your greatest challenge.

multi-risk insurance companies


Incidents that endanger your business project

You want your company to be successful and take-off financially like a rocket, but to do so you must be aware that if an obstacle appears on the path, we will be able to recover the pace.

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Do you have any queries?

Your project is already underway. We will guide you along the way, responding to any queries you may have.

Find out about our insurance for companies

Business combined insurance

All your company's needs covered in a single policy.

  • Personalised coverage according to your activity.
  • Includes debt recovery.

Material damage all risk insurance

Comprehensive coverage for damage.

  • Adapted to your business.
  • It includes the prevention of damage and security plans.

Fire Insurance

A basic for your company.

  • Complete coverage against fire.
  • Includes explosions and lightning.

Burglary/robbery Insurance

The best cover against theft of goods.

  • Own and third-party objects.
  • Includes window displays, valuable objects, and money

Civil liability for insurance construction

The cornerstone for your peace of mind.

  • Tailor-made protection according to your activity, machinery and risk.
  • Civil and criminal defence.

Professional civil liability insurance

Protect your assets.

  • 6 fields of activity.
  • 360º protection in a single insurance policy.



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