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Healthcare insurance

Health insurance with copayment
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What makes our Healthcare insurance different

Healthcare is a private medical insurance policy that provides you with a medical directory of nearly 50,000 professionals and a wide range of first-rate hospitals that you can choose according to your needs and preferences, without waiting lists and paying according to the copayment scheme you have chosen. With Healthcare insurance, you can also keep your children's paediatrician or your own gynaecologist if they are not included in the medical directory, thanks to the reimbursement cover for these two specialities.

Free choice

Choose the hospital you want from among nearly 50,000 professionals in our medical directory.

No waiting

Receive immediate attention without long waiting lists.

Gynaecologist and paediatrician

Keep your children's paediatrician, or your own gynaecologist, even if they are not listed in the medical directory.

Pharmaceutical expenses

Receive reimbursement of the cost of prescribed generic and non-generic medication.

Advanced medical techniques

Benefit from access to today's most advanced medical techniques and hospital treatment.


Different types of policy are available, depending on your needs: Copayment 0, 5, 20 and Advance.

Categories of health insurance with copayment

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What our Healthcare insurance covers

Services included in our Healthcare insurance

Find your closest medical centre

Choose from more than 49,000 professionals and 450 clinics and hospitals.

Choose your dental clinic

Over 3,500 clinics and dentists serving every province in the country.

Request your medical authorisation

Do you need to take a test or have medical treatment? Ask for prior authorisation.



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