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Full third-party car insurance

full third-party car insurance
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Reasons to take out your extended third-party car insurance with Occident

With our full third-party insurance you will get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car is covered for a wide range of situations, including theft, fire and compensation for repairs costing more than the value of the car. Based on a very complete policy, optional extra coverage is available to give you greater peace of mind.

Extended security

With the full third-party car insurance policy you will have additional coverage for risks such as fire, theft or collision with game animals.


If you have full points on your driving licence, get up to 60% off for good driving when you take out your insurance with Occident.

AutoPresto garages

Our network of AutoPresto garages offers you a range of advantages, from priority repair of your vehicle to free cleaning.

What our full third-party insurance covers

Services included in our extended third-party car Insurance

occident auto insurance

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