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individual pension plans
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What makes our Individual pension plan different

Individual pension plans are a form of long-term private savings, designed to supplement income from the public pension service during retirement. They are designed to cover your financial needs when you stop working. Occident's individual pension plans are intended to make it as easy as possible for you to plan how and when to supplement your retirement pension.


Decide how much you want to save in a year and make your contributions regularly or occasionally.

Freedom to suspend and resume payments

You can suspend and restart your contributions at any time if you need to, without a penalty.

Transfer of rights

You can transfer accrued rights from other pension and provident plans to Occident.

Freedom of drawdown

You choose how to retrieve the capital: in the form of income, full or partial redemption, or a combination of both formulas.

Tax relief

Benefit from the full deduction of all your contributions and those of your spouse from your taxable income base.


Your plans will be managed by experts in financial asset management, striving for the highest returns with the lowest risk.

Performance of these pension plans


Net asset value

Categories of individual pension plans by income type



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