Life savings insurance

company employee savings insurance
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Choose your life savings insurance plan

The Occident savings insurance is the ideal option for building a capital that allows you to achieve your goals with complete peace of mind. They are proposed so that you can decide how you want to manage your money.

Group Savings Insurance

Build extra retirement capital for your workers.

  • Adapted to your company's characteristics.
  • Includes life insurance for death.

PPSE Savings Insurance

Guaranteed returns for your staff.

  • For retirement, disability, death, dependency, illness and unemployment.
  • Tax advantages for your company and your workers.

Why people entrust their savings to Occident

Personalised Customer Service

We will accompany you from day one, giving you a personal response to your questions and adapting our offer to your saving profile.

Regular information

We are committed to offering you regular, useful and quality information, with professionals specialising in financial products.

Trust and solvency

Occident is a solid company with a long history, backed by the trust that thousands of people place in its products and professionals.