Cyber risk insurance for individuals

Occident cyber insurance for individuals

What makes this cyber risk insurance different

Cyber risk insurance for individuals gives you access to services and tools designed to improve your entire family's digital protection against cyber risks, and it guarantees compensation to cover losses and expenses caused by any computer incidents you experience when browsing online.

Protect your children

You will have access to a parental control service that will help you shape your children's digital freedom. In addition, with the child protection pack, we will support you in the event of cyberbullying or loss of reputation.

Protect your finances

Offset economic losses and expenses resulting from attacks, theft in fraudulent electronic transactions, identity theft, etc., by receiving a financial compensation as payment.

Professional advice

You will have professional advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on all kinds of digital aspects. This support is focused on your cybersecurity protection and on giving you new knowledge.

What our cyber insurance covers

  • Theft of funds: losses due to fraudulent banking transactions, social engineering and phishing.
  • Identity theft: cost of having to present and certify again documents and identity accreditation reports before a notary public.
  • Cyber extortion: management of threats against your computer system.
  • Data restoration: support to restore customer data following a malicious incident.
  • Hardware replacement: cost of the devices damaged by a cyberattack.
  • Protection in online purchases and sales: compensation for any direct or financial loss arising from a scam during the purchase or sale of goods or services over the internet.
  • Liability for social networks and multimedia content: claim by a third party for damages, such as defamation or copyright infringement.
  • Liability for network security: computer damage that you may have caused to a third party due to a cybernetic incident in your own system.
  • Liability for privacy and data security breaches: claim by a third party caused by a breach of personal or confidential data.

In the event of cyberbullying or cyberstalking, they are covered for the following, up to the limit taken out:

  • Expenses for civil or criminal proceedings arising from the claim against the causing party.
  • School expenses resulting from a necessary change of school recommended by an expert.
  • Expenses for restoring the damaged reputation.

Depending on your personal situation, you can choose between the following three categories to tailor-make the product:

  • Single: Includes one insured party on the policy.
  • Couple without children: Includes two adult insured parties, provided that you live permanently in the same home.
  • Family with children: Includes one or two adult insured parties, as well as your children, provided that you live permanently in the same home. This category includes the minor protection pack's coverage.

Services included in our cyber-insurance


The policy has a maximum fixed compensation limit, per claim and year, of €2,000 for all the coverage. In addition, in the coverage for Online sales and purchases, the compensation is a maximum of €1,000 per claim per year.

We have various limits and policies for the cyberbullying coverage. Get all the coverage you need. We provide coverage for civil or criminal proceedings, school expenses if necessary to change schools if recommended by a professional, as well as expenses for recovering from a reputational loss. You decide where to set the limit.

Yes, you can select the policy that covers two adults and their children, provided they live in the same home.