Health insurance

Health well-being insurance

 heath insurance with no waiting period

What makes our Health well-being Insurance different

With the Health well-being insurance, you will get immediate access to private medical treatments and procedures, at agreed prices. Also, this health insurance with no waiting period opens the doors to more than a thousand dental clinics with both free and subsidised services and offers you a wide range of well-being services.

Extensive medical directory

Our health insurance with no waiting period gives you access to more than 19,000 professionals across all medical and surgical specialities.

Health and well-being directory

Thanks to the health and well-being insurance, you will have at your disposal different categories of treatment and personal care.

Dental directory

Get the best dental care with more than 3,500 dental clinics nationwide, including several free services and services at bargain prices.

What our medical insurance without excess covers

Access to all medical-surgical specialities (cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, paediatrics, etc.)

  • Primary care
  • Diagnostic tests (laboratory tests, CT/PET, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.).

Physiotherapists, psychologists, chiropodists, opticians.

  • Sports medicine, gyms.
  • Cosmetic medicine and surgery, dietary services, nutritionists.
  • Assisted human reproduction.
  • Optometry and hearing.
  • With free services: diagnosis, prevention (annual oral hygiene), periodontics (diagnosis, screening), oral surgery (removal of stitches).
  • The rest of the services at discounted prices with major discounts compared to private prices.

Preferential services of our Health Well-being insurance

With the advice and support of experts in dietetics and nutrition you can alter your eating habits to meet your nutritional goals and improve your health. You will have access to 2 consultations or annual check-ups that are fully refundable.

The psychology speciality offers you specialised care from professionals with extensive experience. You will have 2 consultations per year 100% reimbursable thanks to the Health well-being insurance with copayment.

The paediatrics speciality offers you the best care related to the health, care and well-being of your children under 17 years of age. With Health well-being insurance you will be able to attend 2 paediatric consultations per year, fully reimbursable.

Other services included in our Salud Well-being insurance

Access our health and well-being pool

Feel good inside and out thanks to our 19,000 professionals and medical centres at a special rate.

Choose your dental clinic

Over 3,500 clinics and dentists serving every province in the country.

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