Personal Mobility

personal mobility insurance (PMV)

Choose your personal mobility insurance

With Personal Mobility insurance you are protected whenever you are on the move and regardless of the method of transport you use. How do you travel? 

Insurance for bicycles

Maximum protection on wheels, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

  • Accident coverage.
  • Damage and theft to your bicycle.

Insurance for electric scooter

Get around in complete safety for you and your scooter.

  • Damage and theft.
  • Civil liability.

Means of transport included in our PMV insurance

Ownership of entities contractually leasing a vehicle without a chauffeur for an agreed amount of money. Leasing is not included.

Shared or owned scooters, bicycles, hoverboards, segways, unicycles, regardless of whether they have an electric motor or not.

Any collective transportation.

Taxi services and services of companies offering vehicles for hire (VFH).

A person on foot as a road user.

How this insurance protects your mobility

We will give you an explanation of all the coverage and services of your policy by taking you on a virtual tour of the various types of mobility you can use to get around.


Own vehicle

Rental and sharing vehicles

Public transport, VFH and taxi

What personal mobility insurance covers

Bodily harm suffered by the insured party as a driver.

Civil liability attributable to the insured party as driver of vehicles not subject to compulsory traffic insurance.

External and internal damage to the vehicle up to the amount stated in the policy.

Compensation in the case of forced removal of the vehicle up to the established amount.

Vehicle fire up to the stipulated amount, including accessories and belongings.

In the event of the rental or sharing of vehicles or PMVs, the towing expenses charged to the insured party as a result of a claim or breakdown are covered.

In the event of rental or sharing of vehicles or PMVs, other possible expenses attributable to the insured party as a result of a claim are also covered, such as, for instance, the excess for damage to the vehicle.

In the event of an accident or breakdown of the means of transport being used, payment of the taxi/VFH service to reach the destination.

Table comparing PMV insurance coverage according to the vehicle used

Rent and sharing

PMV owned

PMV shared

Public transport, taxi VFH


Personal damage to driver/user ok ok ok ok ok
Civil liability of the driver - ok ok - -
Personal civil liability ok ok ok ok ok
Damage to vehicle Included* ok Included* - -
Vehicle theft and burglary Included* ok Included* - -
Roadside assistance Included* - Included* - -
Other expenses claimed Included* - Included* - Included*
Complementary transportation service ok ok ok ok -


They are regarded as a complementary product for the user, they will not be duplicated with the insurance coverages of the mobility providers themselves, and in the event of partial overlapping, they will be treated as an extension of these coverages.

It is a packaged product enabling you to choose between two types of offer depending on whether or not there is ownership of the personal mobility vehicle (PMV).

It does not cover compulsory insurance coverage, nor does it cover workers in the course of their work (delivery drivers, etc.).

Yes, you can insure more than one personally owned personal mobility vehicle in the same policy, and it does not affect the price.

Rental or sharing vehicles and personal mobility vehicles (owned or not) such as: scooters, bicycles, hoverboards, segways and unicycles, regardless of whether they have an electric motor or not.

In Spain, it is not compulsory to have PMV insurance. However, it is highly recommended. Furthermore, in some municipalities it is compulsory to have, for instance, an electric scooter insurance policy. These include Madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Benidorm, Barcelona, Valencia, Mahón and Córdoba.