Quad Insurance

What makes our quad insurance different

The Occident quad insurance policy has specific coverage for this type of vehicle. Designed to protect you, your passengers and your quad. Protection against any incident and assistance at all times. Also, if you need it, you will have the support of a team of legal specialists.

Km 0 Assistance

If you have any potential problems with your quad, we will be at your disposal at all times through our permanent assistance service.

Management of fines

If you are fined, our legal experts will deal with the fine and appeal against it if you think there are grounds for doing so.


If your licence is withdrawn because you have lost too many points, we will cover the cost of any courses you need to take to get it back.

What quad insurance covers

You will be covered for any damage that you may accidentally cause to third parties while driving your quad, related to different types of civil liability:

  • Compulsory and supplementary civil liability.
  • Civil liability as a pedestrian or cyclist.
  • Civil liability in the event of fire: if your quad catches fire and causes damage, it will be covered by your policy.

In the event of any unforeseen problem or accident, you will have roadside assistance at all times, wherever you are with your quad, including a towing service. And we will also attend to your passenger.

If your driving licence is withdrawn and you have to undertake training to recover it, we cover the cost of the course, provided that it is taught in an authorised centre and you obtain a certificate confirming that you have completed it satisfactorily.

Your expenses will be covered in the event of an accident in which your quad collides with a large game animal.

Coverage against adverse weather events that cause significant damage to your quad.

We will defend your interests in criminal and administrative proceedings in which you may be involved as the driver of your quad, and lodge contentious administrative appeals if necessary. We cover:

  • Solicitors' and barristers' fees and expenses.
  • Court fees and fees for the granting of powers of attorney.

Services included in our quad insurance


Like other motor vehicles, a quad must have compulsory civil liability insurance to be driven. This is one of the basic coverages of Occident's quad insurance but with Occident you can have all the services and types of coverage described on this page.

If an accident occurs, the first thing you should do is call 917838383. We provide immediate attention, at any time of day and on any day of the year. We provide assistance as soon as possible and deal with your incident.


Make sure you have the details of your quad and your insurance policy to hand, plus details of the accident report, if there is one.

You no longer have to carry your quad insurance documents, but we recommend you to do it: theoretically the police can check your data online but, if they cannot access them, you will have to go to Traffic Headquarters within 5 days.

If you want to drive your quad with complete peace of mind, take out a full quad insurance policy that covers you for any unforeseen event. Contact us using the form or the phone number on this page and we will inform you in full about all the types of coverage and their prices. You can contract your policy directly by phone if you wish.


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