Life insurance

the best Occident life insurance policies

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Life insurance is intended for anyone who wants to insure the future needs of their families or other potential beneficiaries, anticipating any unforeseen eventuality.

Temporary Life insurance

The necessary financial support for an unforeseen event.

  • Death and disability.
  • Advance payment of capital due to serious illness.

Repayment Life Insurance

Insure your mortgage payment, whatever happens.

  • Death and disability.
  • Adapted to your type of loan.

Why families protect themselves with life insurance from Occident


Take out just the cover you need and design a life insurance policy that is adapted to your needs.

Complete protection

We design our life insurance policies with one single objective: To offer you the most complete protection possible.

Financial buffer

When taking out life insurance, you are protecting your family's stability, guaranteeing them financial support, come what may.


Life insurance policies are particularly suited for people whose premature death could have adverse financial consequences for the people around them who depend on their income and assets. They also offer financial protection in the event of illness or accident of the insured party in order to meet possible extraordinary expenses.

In most cases, it will be enough to fill in a questionnaire, which must always be filled in honestly, and which will be used to assess the particular circumstances of each insured party. 

Depending on the characteristics of the operation, tele-screening and certain medical tests may be required.

You can have as many insurance policies as you want, as long as the insurable interest is justified, so if anything happens to you, your beneficiaries will receive the compensation from all the policies you have in force at the time.

For example, you can take out insurance for the mortgage with your bank so it can pay off the debt outstanding, while taking out another additional life insurance policy that guarantees your children's education and compensates your family for the lack of income.