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PPA insured party pension plan
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What makes our insured party pension plan different

The PPA Savings insured party pension plan is a flexible savings formula designed for retirement. It has significant tax advantages and, moreover, offers the security of an interest rate.


Decide with complete freedom what you want to save in a year and do it whenever and however you want, in regular instalments or as a lump sum.

Transfer of rights

You can transfer the accumulated rights of insured party pension plans and/or other pension plans.

Freedom to suspend and resume payments

You can suspend and restart your contributions at any time if you need to, without any penalty.


Obtain significant returns when you retire, without taking any risks with your investment.

The choice is yours

Choose how you would prefer to make your capital available when the time comes: income, full or partial redemption, or a combination of both.

Tax relief

Benefit from the deduction of all your contributions and those of your spouse in your taxable income base within legal limits.

Return and tax benefits of PPA Savings

Services included in our PPA savings insurance