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What differentiates our Individual Systematic Savings Plan

ISSPs (Individual Systematic Savings Plan) are savings products designed to measure your financial objectives that allow you to enjoy excellent tax benefits. With the Occident ISSPs you will have the freedom to plan your savings and have access to it, as well as the peace of mind that provides you with a comprehensive life insurance policy.

Personalised investment

We adapt to your needs by offering you the possibility of deciding on the investment strategy, the amount and the frequency of your contributions.

Availability of your money

You will have your capital available, totally or partially, without any fees/commissions or penalties after the first year.

Possibility of transfers

Transfers between the two ISSP products offered by Occident, PIAS Savings and PIAS Investment, free of charge and preserving the tax benefits.

Occident ISSP categories

Taxation of PIAS (ISSP)

Risk profile









Generally lower returns

Generally higher returns

This number is indicative of the risk of the product; 1/6 implicating a lower risk and 6/6 a higher risk.

Services included in our ISSP insurance