Moped Insurance

What makes our moped insurance different

Occident's moped insurance offers you protection adapted to suit your lifestyle: travel assistance from km 0, legal advice in case of fines and even filing an appeal, where appropriate.

Equipment included

If you have a mishap with your moped and your helmet and clothing are affected, they are also covered by the insurance.

Total travel assistance

If you need assistance, you can count on it from the moment you get on your moped, every day of the year, at any time.

Management of fines

If you receive a fine, our team of experts will handle it and, where viable, you will be able to appeal it.

Points recovery

If you need it, we will reimburse the cost of the courses you need to take to get your driving licence back.

Continuous information

We keep you promptly informed of the status of your incidents by mobile phone.

What our moped insurance covers

We cover any damage that you may cause while you are travelling on your moped:

  • Compulsory and supplementary civil liability.
  • Civil liability as a pedestrian or cyclist.
  • Civil liability in the event of fire: if the moped fire causes damage to third parties, we cover the expenses.

In the event of an unforeseen event while riding your moped, you will have uninterrupted assistance, including for your passenger. You will also have a towing service.

We protect your interests in criminal and administrative proceedings as a driver, and lodge contentious administrative appeals.

  • Solicitors' and barristers' fees and expenses.
  • Court fees and fees for the granting of powers of attorney.

If you need to take a course to recover points lost as a result of an accumulation of offences, we will cover the cost of the course so that you can get your licence back, as long as it is given by an official centre and you can prove that you have taken it.

Protect your moped against the elements.

Cover for damage to your vehicle caused by collision with a big game animal.

Services included in our moped insurance


If, as a motor vehicle, you are required to have at least civil liability insurance, our insurance, besides covering this, will offer greater protection to you and your moped, in addition to Occident's services.

The accident with your moped must be reported as soon as possible. For this purpose, we have a 24-hour telephone service available on 917 83 83 83: please notify us as soon as possible so that we can provide you with immediate assistance and start the necessary procedures. It is essential that you have the details of your moped, the details of your policy and, if you have completed one, the accident report.

It is no longer compulsory, but carrying them with you can save you later visits to the Road Traffic Headquarters: in principle, the agents can check your details through the Information File of Insured Vehicles, but if for technical reasons they cannot access them, you will have to bring them with you within 5 days.

To ride your moped with complete peace of mind, take out insurance that will protect you against any incidents. Contact us by phone or by filling in the form, an expert moped insurance agent will contact you and will be able to give you a price, so you can take out your insurance directly with them.

Driver's age and length of time holding a driving licence.

Your moped insurance premium will be higher the younger you are and the more recent your licence is.

Place of residence

The area where you usually live can also influence the price of the policy, since factors such as road maintenance and weather conditions are taken into account.

Age and engine capacity

The age of your moped will affect the price, since the older it is, the more frequent your visits to the garage will be. The engine capacity will also be taken into account.


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