Insurance for homeowners' associations

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Occident homeowners' association insurance offers the best protection, care and coverage for all types of owners' association. It can be adapted to the specific needs of each property, with guarantees and services that take care of the entire building.

Insurance for homeowners' associations

Effective solutions to protect your homeowners' association.

  • 24-hour assistance.
  • Claims for non-payment by homeowners.

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Customised protection for each garage.

  • Coverage against damage.
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Buildings, garages, family homes... No matter what property you need to protect.

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Building: This includes all the buildings that make up the owners' community: the structural elements of the building, annexes to the building and exterior areas such as gardens and sports facilities, storage rooms, garages and parking spaces.

Contents: This refers to furniture and other items in common areas that belong to the homeowners' association and are not private property.

The capital to be contracted to cover the value of the building must be the capital needed to rebuild it in the event of total loss.

This calculation is for guidance and takes various aspects into account: The quality of construction (basic, medium quality or luxury), the gross floor area (including housing, parking spaces, storage rooms and business premises) and the province in which the property is located.

By accepting this estimated value you can avoid under-insuring (when the insured value of the asset is lower than the market value).

Occident has designed its homeowners' association insurance to meet the needs of each property, with various services available:

  • Assistance for homeowners' associations: This includes locksmith services, emergency electricity, sending professionals to prepare estimates and carry out repairs, among other services. There is also a permanent help line.
  • Pest service: A qualified professional will be sent to the property to carry out rodent or insect extermination in the event of an infestation of cockroaches, rats or mice.
  • Technical advice on buildings: Telephone assistance to deal with queries related to regulations on the technical inspection of buildings (ITE) and the conservation of the property, as well as providing professionals to carry out inspection for ITE and other certificates.
  • Property management helpline: Advice by a lawyer on matters related to the management of the residents' association.
  • Claims and legal defence: Coverage of expenses arising from the association's legal defence. This includes claims against owners for non-payment of expenses, claims for damage to common elements caused by joint owners, and the defence of owners' rights in disputes with the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, among other services.