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What makes our comprehensive home insurance policy different

Your home is unique and special, so it is essential to protect it. Having the best home insurance is synonymous with peace of mind and a guarantee against any unforeseen event related to your home. The level of protection provided by Occident Home insurance is not limited to the property: it protects you, your family and even your pet, incorporating a whole series of exclusive services designed to make your life much easier.

Expert advice

We will inform you in detail and in a personalised way about the most suitable capital contract for your home.

Flexibility when taking out insurance

Take out a tailor-made product, with the maximum personalisation of coverage according to your interests and the characteristics of the property.

Exclusive services

From day one, you will have access to Home Assistance, Bricohogar, Urgent Boiler Repairs, Computer Assistance and much more.

Urgent care

Receive emergency assistance from the company's own professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


If you share your home with pets, you can include in your insurance policy an effective package of cover and services for their care and attention.


If you have more insurance policies with Occident, you will benefit from a special discount when you take out your Home insurance.

How this insurance protects your home

We will provide you with an explanation of all the coverage and services of your policy by taking a virtual tour of your home.


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What does our comprehensive home insurance cover

Services included in our home insurance

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Are you already insured?

Improve your insurance with Occident.

We help you make an assessment and make a change.



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