Legal protection

Legal assistance insurance

Legal protection insurance

Choose your legal protection insurance

Occident has the best legal assistance insurance. Legal protection insurance brings together services for legal advice, claims and legal defence, so that you can resolve any conflicts you may encounter: in your personal life, with your homeowners' association, as driver of a vehicle, etc. You will have the support of a qualified team of professionals, who will help you deal with any situation.

Family legal protection insurance

Feel protected in any situation involving legal matters, whether in your private life or work-related.

  • Legal advice and defence.
  • Claims against third parties.

Driver's legal protection insurance

Insure your driving licence.

  • Financial compensation if your licence is withdrawn.
  • Legal advice and defence.

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Why people choose our legal protection insurance to ensure peace of mind

Legal advice

Expert lawyers and our legal assistance specialists will resolve any legal issues you have.

Defence and claims

We provide legal support and all the information you need to defend your interests and claim your rights if you need to.

Tailor-made products

Personalise your legal protection insurance by selecting coverage and services to suit your interests and needs.

Services included in our legal protection insurance


Yes, at Occident we make it easy for you to choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

At Occident we have legal protection insurance for drivers that includes licence withdrawal procedures, loss of points, management of fines, etc. Everything you could need. So you don't have to worry about anything.

We want to provide you with a comprehensive insurance policy. Our legal protection insurance covers services such as advice, claims and legal defence, for you and for your family. Among the policies you will also find one for drivers. Please contact us if you would like more details.